Our Girls
Duckers Hen RedHead

Meet Lucy

Lucy is a pup we kept out
of a summer of 2012
breeding with our Susie
and Whistler.  At just
over a year old she has
been my constant
hunting companion for
the 2013/14 waterfowl
season.  Lucy is a
shining example of what
we strive for in our
breeding program.  A
happy, obedient,
affectionate companion
and driven retriever.
Duckers Hen Wood Duck

Meet Summer

Summer is a 3 year old
female..she has
wonderful hunting and
field trial bloodline...she
is a sweet girl....very
active and great
Meet Snow Gooses
Atlantic Brandt

Atty is a sweet girl, 2
years old...loves to play
and hunt....she is one of
our pheasant hunters
here...a great little
girl...we are looking
forward to her litters