Our Girls
Duckers Hen RedHead (Lucy)

Meet Lucy

Lucy is a pup we kept out of a
summer of 2012 breeding with
our Susie and Whistler.  At just
over a year old she has been my
constant hunting companion for
the 2013/14 waterfowl season.  
Lucy is a shining example of
what we strive for in our
breeding program.  A happy,
obedient, affectionate
companion and driven retriever.
Duckers Hooded Merganser

Meet Mergie

Mergie is a sweet girl , 2 and a
half years of age, she is hunted
a lot...loves the geese and is
great with her ducks...
Mergie has....we look forward to
some really wonderful pups
from Mergie this coming year...
We have some youngsters coming of age
soon...once their health clearances are
done we will post them here for all to
see...ty for your patience